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Forum rules

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General forum rules

  1. Posts are to be made in the relevant forum -- users are requested to read the forum descriptions before posting. Members continually posting to the incorrect forum may receive a warning.
  2. Members should post in a way that is respectful of other users. Flaming or otherwise abusing to other users will not be tolerated, and will lead to either a warning or a ban, dependent on severity.
  3. Members should remember that the forums are aimed at a general audience; posting pornographic or generally offensive images, links, text, video, etc. will not be tolerated and will lead to a warning. Hiding any such offensive images, links, text, video, etc. inside spoiler tags still constitutes a breach of this rule.
  4. Members are asked to respect the copyright of other users/sites/media/etc. Users linking to or asking for information on warez, crackz or other pirated material will be warned and their post removed.
  5. Members should respect the bandwidth of other users and sites. The use of inline image tags pointing to data stored on third party systems for which the user has not received permission to link to may be removed.
  6. Members are asked to only speak in English (apart from designated Afrikaans threads), as this is a generally English-speaking community.
  7. Members are asked not to deviate from thread topics, except in the Chill section.
  8. Spam is not tolerated on these forums under any circumstance. This includes, but is not limited to: offering commercial services, advertising products and online marketing. Users posting spam will be marked as an Evil Advertiser and will be permanently banned from the forum.
  9. Members are asked not to revive old forum threads; unless the new post directly relates to the original post of the thread, it is almost always better to start a new thread.
  10. Members are asked not to act as "backseat moderators." If members notice an issue that contravenes these rules and guidelines, they are welcome to bring it to the attention of the forum moderators by using the "report a post" feature. Do not respond to such issues yourself.
  11. The forum moderators reserve the right to remove or edit any post at any time. Please note that a user's first post is placed in the moderation queue and will be approved/disapproved based on these points. The determination of what is indecent, flaming, spam, etc. as mentioned in these points is up to forum staff and not users; forum staff decisions are final and are not a matter of public debate.
  12. The above points, where applicable, also apply to the private messaging system. Users abusing the private messaging system may be warned and/or have their private messaging permissions revoked.


  1. Signatures may contain one image of no longer than 450px, no higher than 150px, and no greater than 25kB (25,000 bytes) in size.
  2. Signatures containing an image may contain up to three lines of text. Signatures containing no image may contain up to five lines of text.
  3. Links in signatures are permitted to a maximum of five unique pages or sites. Links may only be personal in nature, and may not be commercial, advertise services or constitute spam. Links may not be to pornographic/warez/etc. sites. Links must be text only; image links are not permitted.


  1. Members are permitted to upload their own avatar or utilise one in the avatar gallery.
  2. Uploaded avatars are limited to 120px in width, 160px in height and 16KiB (16,384 bytes) in size. Uploaded avatars are subject to the same rules as posts with respect to decency and so forth, and may additionally not portray the member as having any form of official status on this forum.
  3. Members should not select an avatar from the gallery that is in use by another member. Members may be requested to select a different avatar in these cases.


  1. The forums generally operate a three-strike policy. Users will be warned a maximum of three times for any and all offences within a 90 day rolling period. If the need for a fourth warning arises, a temporary ban of between 1 and 30 days will be implemented.
  2. The forum staff may, on occasion, place a member on final warning or temporary ban immediately, depending on the severity of the offence. Such deviations from the three-strike policy are at the sole discretion of forum staff.
  3. Any attempt to circumvent a temporary ban will result in that ban being made permanent. Circumvention includes, but is not limited to: posting from a secondary account and registering a secondary account.
  4. Members who have received multiple temporary bans may receive a permanent ban.
  5. An exception to the above is when users contact forum staff personally via any method and post insulting, indecent or vulgar material. Such users will be subject to an immediate permanent ban.
  6. Permanent bans are a last resort. While the forum staff may consider lifting permanent bans from time to time, this is a rare occurrence, and will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.
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