A GPU cooler for Ruad: Deepcool Gamer Storm Dracula

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A GPU cooler for Ruad: Deepcool Gamer Storm Dracula

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Deepcool Gamer Storm Dracula VGA Cooler Review
Manufacturer: Deepcool Industries Co., Ltd.

Deepcool Gamer Storm Dracula

We have reviewed CPU coolers from Deepcool before, but the Dracula is the first GPU cooler we have received from them. The Dracula is part of the Gamer Storm line which is Deepcool's product line aimed at enthusiasts. This is far from your average VGA cooler as it is massive. Depending on how you configure the fans, it can occupy up to four PCI slots! While the sheer size of this cooler might put some people off, the fact that it can cool video cards that have a max board power rating of up to 250 Watts should help make up for that. This is a serious video card cooler!
This thing is massive! :shock:
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Re: A GPU cooler for Ruad: Deepcool Gamer Storm Dracula

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I'll stick with MSI Twinfrozer. But not bad if you wish to go budget and customize your cooler.
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