The Social Network – Expect a sequel: Updated

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The Social Network – Expect a sequel: Updated

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Money helps
The Winklevoss brothers are not giving up in their quest to get even more money out of Facebook and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, contrary to what was reported yesterday. Multiple news reports yesterday (including ours) stated that the Winklevosses had decided to accept the original $65 million (cash and shares) settlement (now valued around $200 million due to sky rocketing valuations of Facebook)
Original story: The Winklevoss twins have finally given up on their seven year legal battle with Facebook. The legal battle started in 2004 when the Winklevosses sued Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook and fellow Harvard student, of plagiarising their idea for a social network site called ConnectU
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Re: The Social Network – Don’t expect a sequel

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Shame. The poor brothers have to settle for $200 000 000. How will they ever survive. :(
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