Dillinger family loses lawsuit to EA

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Dillinger family loses lawsuit to EA

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How did I miss the initial filing?
Members of the Dillinger family, descendants of famed gangster and bank robber John Dillinger, have recently lost a court case to Electronic Arts; which was filed after EA called a weapon used in The Godfather series of games the ‘Dillinger’. The Dillinger family claimed that EA violated the copyright of the name in question
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Re: Dillinger family loses lawsuit to EA

Post by Hman »

Lol, retards.
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Re: Dillinger family loses lawsuit to EA

Post by StarBound »

The Kotickinator? :P
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Re: Dillinger family loses lawsuit to EA

Post by GreyWolf »

So.. descendants of a mob boss lost a court battle.

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