Toshiba unveils flagship gaming laptops

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Toshiba unveils flagship gaming laptops

Post by Drakonis »

New hardware, I'm told
Toshiba has unveiled its two flagship gaming notebooks; the Qosmio X770 and Qosmio X770 3D. The X770 has a quad core processor (no further details are provided) and will come with up to 8GB RAM. The Qosmio packs up to 1.25TB of hard drive space including a Hybrid drive that has a 4GB SSD for caching purposes
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Re: Toshiba unveils flagship gaming laptops

Post by KatrynKat »

Toshiba laptops are not that bad...
and those laptops look AWESOMELY WICKED!! :D

but has anyone seen the price of that thing... R20,500.....

do you know how many euros that is.....!!
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