A warning to those wanting to resell rAge 2011 tickets

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A warning to those wanting to resell rAge 2011 tickets

Post by Ron2K »

As some of you may be aware, tickets for rAge 2011 sold out within 4 hours this year, leaving the unlucky sods desperate for tickets.

The ticket reselling policy is detailed on the NAG forums here; in short, NAG will buy tickets from those no longer wanting to use them at original cost price, and then resell them on to those on their waiting list.

As such, all trade in rAge 2011 tickets on these forums is strictly prohibited. If you want to get rid of a ticket or try to pick one up, you are requested to follow NAG's rules.

Those who ignore this notice will be treated as evil advertisers and will be permanently banned from this forum. No questions will be asked, no reasons will be heard.

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