Security issue on the forum

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Security issue on the forum

Post by Ron2K »

Hi guys,

Unfortunately, I received notification of a security issue affecting the forum. The issue was with the [flash] BBCode tag - on browsers using the WebKit rendering engine (Chrome and Safari) as well as the Opera browser, the [flash] tag could have been used to execute Javascript, thereby causing a cross site scripting vulnerability.

I've just finished patching this up, and also upgraded the forum to the recently released 3.0.8 version at the same time. If you notice anything broken, please notify me via private message ONLY.

Apologies for any inconvenience the sudden and unannounced downtime may have caused.
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Re: Security issue on the forum

Post by KatrynKat »

my hero!!! :hug:

thank you for all that you do.....

now... go get to bed!!! ;)
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Re: Security issue on the forum

Post by Anthro »

As always, Kudos Ron - shot for the chat m8 ;)
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Re: Security issue on the forum

Post by Anakha56 »

sheesh you people need to get out more. At 11pm you are wondering why the forums are down? *shakes head*


Oh and thanks Ron :P.
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Re: Security issue on the forum

Post by Tribble »

Yep - I was sleeping while you worked - but thank you. Goes to show that the Fox is the safest browser to use ;-) <dig>
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