Games that never die

Blast from the past! Tell us about all those old classics that you grew up with.
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Re: Games that never die

Post by DJT »

The_Jelly wrote:
Siemens wrote:THis is going to sound cliche coming from me, but Pokemon games are just awesome time and time again.
Pokemon FTW
Seconded! I whipped out my old Gameboy Color about a year ago and played around 30 hours on Pokemon Crystal. Loved it!
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Re: Games that never die

Post by Synthesis »

Tetris. You can never get bored of playing Tetris.
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Re: Games that never die

Post by The_Jelly »

thats so weird i played that today! and battle city... some old school stuff, whipped out the cartridges and dusted off the controllers and had a little session....
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Re: Games that never die

Post by THE_STIG »

I put my old Pentium MMX(a whole 200Mhz :lol: ) back together and played space invaders, DOOM, Quake, Duke nukem......

those games just never get boring
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Re: Games that never die

Post by StarBound »

I do but you keep coming back to them. I installed Diablo 2 a few weeks ago with the high res mod and sadly the game no longer holds its playability. Weird because Diablo 1 is still massively playable.
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Re: Games that never die

Post by Parabuthus »

I say Arcanum, Baldurs Gate and Max Payne. Am still playing them and enjoy them just as much as I did back then.
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Re: Games that never die

Post by Tiza »

I remember Stronghold as the most epic RTS game ever, so many hours of enjoyment. Installed it about a month ago and lets just say a little part of me died that day. But Quake 3 remains pretty sweet!
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Re: Games that never die

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Re: Games that never die

Post by Tribble »

Iceblade wrote: 14 Jun 2020, 00:49 Counter-Strike
Totally agree.
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