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CoD Ghosts - Classic Multiplayer Character DLC

Posted: 18 Nov 2013, 13:56
by FawaazJ
So I pre-ordered CoD Ghosts from an online retailer and received my game on time on launch day without any issues. On launch day, the retailer emailed me a DLC code for the Classic Multiplayer Character which allows you to customize your soldier appearance by adding the Ghosts patch emblem and also selecting the Ghosts mask as a head (when selecting to play with male soldier).

After redeeming my DLC code in the PSN store, it downloaded and installed a new game utility file on my PS3 with product ID BLES-01948. This was incorrect as my game disc (on spine of cover) is Product ID BLES-01945. I believe this is by region. All the game install files, and software updates are placed in this folder on my PS3 and any DLC should too. So when running the game, it reads the relevant data from this utility file. When I'm in-game in multiplayer, I don't see my character pre-order DLC content because of this inconsistent product codes. I'm currently dealing with the retailer support and the retailer's voucher code supplier to resolve this...

Anyone else have this issue?


Re: CoD Ghosts - Classic Multiplayer Character DLC

Posted: 18 Nov 2013, 14:35
by StarBound
Go to the PSN store then select download list and check for the correct DLC that matches the disc code. In the past if you bought CoD DLC you would get a list of 10 or so possible downloads.