Are The Days Of DRM Numbered?

Want to whine about DRM (*cough* StarBound)? Here you go!
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Are The Days Of DRM Numbered?

Post by Anakha56 » ... ered-.html
Are The Days Of DRM Numbered?

The Techdirt article below will not please the big content industries making today's games, movies and music, or anyone who believes that they need to protect their content from so-called "pirates" and "thieves" (copying isn't stealing, but many haven't seen the memo) to control distribution so that they can squeeze the hapless customer for every penny they can get. Good Old Games have been up and running since 2008 and they're proving that locking up content with anti-consumer DRM (Digital Restrictions Management) is pointless and counterproductive. It's even more pointless when you consider just how quickly every scheme out there is cracked, often within a day or two and a week is a long time in most cases.

Follow the link for further reading...
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Re: Are The Days Of DRM Numbered?

Post by StarBound »

DRM will be replaced with user usage restrictions. Sony allowed PS3 owners to load their DLC and other downloads onto 5 systems. As of 18 November its being reduced to 2. I haven't yet seen their answer to deactivating a stolen or bricked PS3. And Activision is showing how little they think of Blizzard fans by making Diablo 3 unplayable offline. Even EA made BF3 unplayable offline, both single player and multiplayer.

Can't believe I'm saying this but for this non-sense to stop someone needs to hack all publishers and developers and just post their server files over the net so a years worth of software can be copied, cracked, hacked, ect. Like telling a kid to stop poking you with a stick until you have had enough and backhand him onto the ground.
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Re: Are The Days Of DRM Numbered?

Post by IcePick88 »

I am two minded about this.

I for one did not mind the DRM on BF3. I guess if I want/need to play the game, I have to meet the minimum specs and have some pre-requisites installed. Sign in with an account to play. Really no biggy for me.

The makers still own the IP on the disc. They can by all means apply any sort of DRM they want. I remember the days when you bought the game, installed it, slap in your product key and off you go.

Obviously that opened the door to me handing the disc to a friend and he can also play. He just burns a copy of the game and voila.
To prevent that, the creators and publishers needed to find ways to combat this and to try and make the games more piracy proof.

More and more games these days focusses on MP and I think that they have realised that. Hence one of the reasons the single player side of games have become so short. How many times have I heard guys complain about the short campaign on games? With all the online servers having measures in place, you will not find a cracked game on a legit online server.

So you wanna play online? Great, go buy the game.
Crackheads can enjoy the short single player and they will probably go and buy the game when they see how good it is.

BUT, the measures implemented should be fair. They need to take in account that not every person on planet earth with a PC has an internet connection to play. So what then? They loose those sales by fortune of their strict DRM.

Piracy will always exist, no matter how strong the DRM is.
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