Best gaming laptop for R14k - R16k

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Best gaming laptop for R14k - R16k

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Hello, I’m looking to buy an affordable gaming laptop for about R15 000. I would like to do some light gaming on it and also possibly have the option to connect it to my 50 inch HD screen, I know running such a large screen could be taxing for the GPU especially on gaming but I would like to have the option especially for movies.

Does anyone have any suggestions of any laptops I can look into; the ones I’ve been looking at are the following. Any other suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated

1. Lenovo y5070:
This seems to be my favorite option but some reviews about screen brightness and slow speed have me on edge
Pros: quad core i7 4720hq compared to other laptops of similar price with i5 4210m
Pros: Nvidia gtx860m 4G compared to other models of similar price only having a nvidia gtx950m 2g
Cons: 15.6” screen compared to 17.3
Cons: 1Tb HD 5400 compared to other products of similar price with

2. Gigabyte p17f v3
Pros: 17.3 inch screen

3. MSI Leopard pro GP62 – 2qf
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