Planning for 2014

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Planning for 2014

Post by StarBound »

I've made a lot of plans and few comes to the point of sitting in front of me. The new consoles are apon us. Finally the limitations of the PS3 and xbox 360 will be wiped away and we will see games using that extra memory, using those extra cores, using that 64-bit programming. And that is why after this weekend I am wondering what will happen.

This is from Toms hardware, the specs for Watch Dogs: ... 24536.html
For the "Minimum" requirements, PC gamers will need a DirectX 11 graphics card with 1 GB of video RAM, a quad-core processor, and 4 GB of RAM. Prime examples are Nvidia's GeForce GTX 460 and AMD's Radeon HD 5770 on the GPU front, and Intel's Core2 Quad Q6600 or AMD's Phenom X4 9750 on the CPU front.

The "Recommended" specs for PC gamers is a bit more meaty, requiring a DirectX 11 graphics card with 2 GB of video RAM, an eight-core processor and 8 GB of RAM. Qualified hardware includes Nvidia's GeForce GTX 560 Ti and AMD's Radeon HD 7850 in the GPU department, and Intel's Core i7-3770 and AMD's FX-8350 for CPUs.

Finally, we have the "Ultra" group. To meet this requirement, gamers will need a DirectX 11 graphics card with 2 GB of video RAM or more, the latest eight-core CPU or more, and 8 GB or more RAM. This includes Nvidia's GeForce GTX 670 and AMD's Radeon HD 7970 for GPUs, and Intel's Core i7-3990K and AMD's FX-9370 for CPUs.
The cpu on the last one is wrong. they are refering to the i7 3930K.
But already you can see the minimum is already very beefy. The game will only be in 64-bit.

After this weekend it is clear the geforce 680gtx is still a strong contender with no frame rate issues in Battlefields 4 Beta. So much for 3GB video memory? I've wanted to get the MSI Lightning 780gtx, hell I still want it, but with my setup running as it does and the new wave of radeon cards coming out, not to mention the ps4 around the corner that might set even more requirements for PC gaming as base I am inclined to hold off this year.

But come 2014 we will see the commercial release of DDR4. Intel will also be showing their new high end socket with the rumoured Haswell-E sporting 8 cores. While these are part of my 2014 upgrade plan I think the best thing to do now would be to sit back and wait.

Oddly enough I was suppose to replace my ipad 2 with the ipad 5 which isn't even making news headlines at current.
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Re: Planning for 2014

Post by GDI_Lord »

Well, I guess waiting for the benches for the new Radeons and also wait for the DDR4 numbers would be a good thing to do. Give it until January or February.
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