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Re: new gpu

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Also, with AMD's newest drivers the 7000 series GPU gain some performance, probably enough to even out with the 650 I'd guess.
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Re: new gpu

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I would go with the HD7750, especially if you can find the revised version that needs a PCI-Express 6-pin connector and ships with 1GB of DDR5 RAM (clocks for the revised version start at 900MHz, that's how you can tell). Any of those GPUs you listed will be fine at 720p and high settings and 2x AA, with the GTX650, the HD6770 and the HD7750 coming out at the top. At 720p you'll be more CPU-reliant but things should be fine.

I find benchmarks horribly misleading when you're trying to find out what performance you can get at the settings you normally play with. Both the GTX650 and the HD7750 will perform on par, with the GTX650 edging out a little bit when Nvidia's next batch of drivers hit the internet. Both cards should also deliver playable performance at 1080p resolution with 2x AA and medium details or high details and no AA.
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