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Hi guys im having trouble picking a gpu and need some help i have strict budget of R1400
1. Gtx 550 ti @ R1163
2. HD 6770 @ R1200
3. HD 7750 @ 1250
Il be gaiming at 1280x720 and older games on 1920x1080
The games i want to be able to play are battlefield 3,assassins creed 3,hitman absolution,gta 5, and nfs mw2 how would the gtx 550 ti perform on these games at 1280x720 with all settings max and AA off
my pc specs are
Core i3 540
Foxconn h55mxv mobo
6gig ram

Also will these gpu's be able to run on a thermaltake litepower 450watt
and if you could recomend other gpu's for this price please say.
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Re: gpu

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I'd say go HD 7750 out of a power consumption point of view but the 550ti is just that bit faster in battlefield.
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