OCZ Vertex 4 firmware upgrade

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OCZ Vertex 4 firmware upgrade

Post by petrivanzyl »

So I got myself a OCZ vertex 4 128GB SSD with my new rig. However I read that the new firmware makes this drive much quicker (v1.5). I think the drive comes with v1.3. Now the problem I have is this:

1. The firmware upgrade (from 1.3 to 1.5) is destructive - ie it will delete anything on the drive.
2. The tool is only for Windows 7 not XP
3. You cannot run it on the same drive you are booting from.

How do I update the firmware of the SSD on my new rig. The only options seems to be:

1. Find a friend with Windows 7 and upgrade the firmware on his PC. (No one I know close has Windows 7)
2. Install Windows 7 on the HDD and then on the SSD. (That would suck)
3. Download a Linux ISO, boot it from a USB stick and update the firmware via die Linux version of the tool.

Option 3 might be the most elegant solution? Any ideas?
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Re: OCZ Vertex 4 firmware upgrade

Post by Nuke »

If there is a Linux version, go for it. I always keep a bootable USB drive handy for tasks like these.
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