Which GPU?? Please Help!

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Gerhard HT
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Which GPU?? Please Help!

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Hi guys

I'm building my first Gaming rig, im wondering wich way to go with my GPU.
I don't realy care if i go nVidia or AMD.
I have been looking at the GIGABYTE Radeon HD 7850 2GB 256bit GDDR5 OC Edition.
In this month's issue (185) of PCF they did a review on the AMD Radeon HD 7850 and said it is overpriced (''sadly for the HD 7850 the competition has got much cheaper since launch, to the point where this AMD card cannot keep up'' they rated it 67).

Now my cuestion is:
1. What is the competition they talk about? (they don't mention it and I don't know where to look for it)
2. I can spend R2500 on a GPU, what would you recomend?
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Re: Which GPU?? Please Help!

Post by StarBound »

The 660Ti cards are being released but while they are tagged $300 here they are over priced at around R4000.

For R2500 the only recommendation I can give is a 560ti as I owned the card. You might want to check a few only review sites to see the numbers for the games you plan on running. Just remember if your cpu is a bottle neck no gfx card will save you.
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