I need a second opinion on this build:

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Re: I need a second opinion on this build:

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You got yourself an excellent build there mate! The only thing i wouldve changed is the GPU and the PSU. id have stuck with the 650W unless you planned adding another gpu later on? I would have got the stock version the 560ti. When i did my homework on gpus I found that those gigabyte cards got a bit hot and werent 100% stable. people had to actually downclock or fiddle with their voltages. And i would rather OC myself than pay extra for a factory OC. but otherwise, stunning build bro.
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Re: I need a second opinion on this build:

Post by FaeMinx »

Darn! I've also now found reports online that people have had problems with that card.

Just my luck. :(
I've spoken to Wootware and they told me if I experience problems I can return the card within 30 days no problem. Their courier will even come and pick it up so no additional costs will be incurred. If this turns out to be the case, they've put me on the waiting list for the Hawk, and I just pay in the difference when it becomes available.
After more looking it seems Gigabyte know theres a problem with there cards and has put out some new Bios to fix it.

The problem isn't just heat. When I did tests it was Furmark stable at 900mhz but Crysis 2 would crash out. The problem is the Volts, going from 1.050v to 1.100v (Which is safe) it's stable as a rock and only 2c hotter at max temp then 1.050v

Gigabyte have 2 new Bios out for you to pick from to fix the problems:
1) Underclocks your 560Ti to 880mhz on the core and keeps volts at 1.050v
2) Keeps core at 900mhz and rises the volts to 1.100v

You have to email them to get these bios's
Apparently some of the cards that have a bad overclock will produce screen glitches or errors indicating that the driver has failed. The person tried a ton of stuff, including changing motherboards and even changing to a higher wattage power supply. In the end he made a simple change that solved the problem – changed the voltage from 1.14 to 1.15. Apparently this is the fix for bad boards so no need for an overclock.
I don't really have any software that will put my card to the test... apparently StarCraft II runs just fine for people who've had problems. Will Heaven DX11 Benchmark and FurMark 1.9.2 be sufficient to test if my card is stable?
http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/Ben ... Mark.shtml

I'm guessing not every Gigabyte GTX 560 Ti OC has problems, just a greater than average percentage compared to other brands. I'm hoping my card turns out to be one of the lucky ones. :(
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Re: I need a second opinion on this build:

Post by StarBound »

Never really had problems with my 560ti. You have the windforce one right? You should be ok.
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