Activision going ahead with Beachhead

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Activision going ahead with Beachhead

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Okay then..
Activision will be introducing Beachhead, an online platform for its Call of Duty series, with the launch of the next title in the franchise. Some reports are speculating that the new Call of Duty, codenamed Project Colossus, will launch on 8 November this year with Beachhead intact
My personal view: if Beachhead's paid-for content gives some players an unfair advantage it's either going to make Activision a ton of cash or reduce COD's online base. I'm not sure which outcome is the lesser evil.
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Re: Activision going ahead with Beachhead

Post by StarBound »

If they have bobby pinned on a wall and allow us to test different weapons on him I'd pay for it.

But seriously. This is the way things are going and I am pretty sure it wont be too long before we see a lower priced game come along offering free online play and dedicated server files. That should be enough to kill CoD for good. As to the cross platform play everyone wanted it but a while back Pacter sayd financially it doesnt make sense for microsoft or sony to allow that kind of connectivity because the first person to bring out the game will grab everyone.

So who's up for playing some UT3 or quake based games then? We can mod them :P
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