Movie studios take aim at Pirate Bay

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Movie studios take aim at Pirate Bay

Post by Drakonis »

Those of you downloading... you know who you are...
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Re: Movie studios take aim at Pirate Bay

Post by freeloader »

The Pirate Bay is not the only torrent site on the net. I think they are just trying to use it as an example against the rest. I thought the previous court judgment against them was enough?
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Re: Movie studios take aim at Pirate Bay

Post by Firestrm_ZA »

amazing how they did almost nothing for years...

now all of sudden, simply as a result of PB being successfully raped by the courts. The rest wanna get on the bandwagon..... dunno about the rest of you, but thats kinda low. It's like kicking a guy who's just had the snot knocked out of him by a bully and you pop in a cheap shot.

Not that I'm condoning piracy, but c'mon just cos the other countless torrent and rapidshare sites are raping your business. you target the easy opponent......

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