Replacing the sound in a 2013 polo vivo

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Sean Vialle
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Replacing the sound in a 2013 polo vivo

Post by Sean Vialle »

howzit chaps.
I have a 2013 vw polo vivo and i have the standard head unit and mids, with a ten inch alpine 1500w sub and a 3200w audiobank block amp.

Im looking to replace the mids as they just arent coping with the sub and i want quality. Im unsure what size the mids are that I should be looking for? After doing little research it seems that i need a split system for the front (around 6inch in size) and co axel (I dont know what that means) for the rear doors. Im looking at Alpine as this is the make of my sub and im very impressed and want to stick with the quality when getting mids. When it comes to amps, im looking at an ice power 1200w 4 channel and it seems I may have to replace the standard head unit. If anyone has any advice regarding the installation, choice of amp (size and make), size and or type of mids, please comment, as I am a student and cannot afford to put the sound in out of my own money and find a should have done it another way and would appreciate advice
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Re: Replacing the sound in a 2013 polo vivo

Post by SykomantiS »

I would suggest trying a dedicated car forum, like the Volkswagen Club of South Africa.
Having said that, Alpine aren't too bad. A co-axial speaker is one with the woofer and tweeter on the same frame, whereas a split (component) system has the tweeter separate from the woofer, and usually with a whatchamacallit box... I forgot the name :? Cross-over or some such.

Regarding the amp- check the rms wattage, amongst other things, not just the proclaimed 1200w. Alpine also make amps, and head units- since you're happy with the sub, why not make it a set?

But seriously, VWCSA- I think that is where you want to be.
And welcome to the forum. :)
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Re: Replacing the sound in a 2013 polo vivo

Post by GDI_Lord »

Welcome Sean! :-)

I second what Syko said, consider asking the friendly people at a dedicated car forum for help too.

Hope you come right.
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