The Shed of Doom...

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The Shed of Doom...

Post by Anakha56 » ... don-t-even.....

Sharing from another forum. Even my limited knowledge of D.I.Y will make a better shed than this... Must be hamin_aus built... :P
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Re: The Shed of Doom...

Post by hamin_aus »

A sweet crib like that would sell for about $300K in Perth
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Re: The Shed of Doom...

Post by Ron2K »

hamin_aus wrote:A sweet crib like that would sell for about $300K in Perth
Clearly, you haven't been in rural New South Wales before.

Particularly, Cessnock.
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Re: The Shed of Doom...

Post by StarBound »

Awwww. So nothing to do with the Doom reboot game then? Disappointing.
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