Man Caves! Who has one? Post pics!

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Re: Man Caves! Who has one? Post pics!

Post by Anakha56 »

You can never be prepared enough when a woman is involved :P.

I love sports cars of all types and it's only recently that I have accepted that all F1 teams including Ferrari are awesome. Also quite a lot of the Ferrari goods used to belong to him :).

I recently bought a new sound system for the TV & PS3 the Sony HT-SS370, the speakers are small but very powerful.
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Re: Man Caves! Who has one? Post pics!

Post by Tribble »

My man's cave has two TVs (1 large and 1 portable - one for sport and one for news), Hi-Fi, shelves of DVDs, is connected to the 3 dishes and decoders, about 4 Pcs. Come to think of it - I am lucky that I get to see him. ;-)
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