GeForce 9800 GT - overclocking

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GeForce 9800 GT - overclocking

Post by Rajiv »

i have a GeForce 9800 GT graphics card and i've been wanting to know: how do I overclock my card without spending a cent and causing major damage to my PC?

My specs:
AMD Phenom 8450
Triple-Core Processor
2.10GHz, 2GB of RAM
GeForce 9800 GT
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Re: GeForce 9800 GT - overclocking

Post by The_Jelly »

download msi afterburner u can find it on guru3d.... edit the config file to enable unofficial overclocking... research what your max temps are on the 9800gt and find a gpu overclock guide...( there's plenty of them on the net just google it) keep a look out for artifacts while stress testing... if u keep to all the limits then your card will be perfectly fine...
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