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How to fix Ati Radeon Screen Problem

Posted: 09 Oct 2011, 12:40
by Ashlee Smith
Hey guys i have finally cracked how to fix it there are a number of ways:
So i did major research into this and found a HD3870, HD5870, HD6670 etc all were having problems with Screen tearing like V-sync but with it enabled! And using a 1600 y 900 or 1680 by 1050 60 Hz resolution.
The fix:
Make sure there are no other existing drivers from other cards especially Nvidia's drivers in the back round.
Make sure Windows Aero is running 100% (weird fix but with it my videos stopped doing screen tearing, using VLC windows media player and media player classic)
Enable V-Sync in Catalyst Control Panel.
And then if that does not work a 75 Hz refresh rate fixes the problem also.
So if you experience it in games like Dragon Age 2, Battle field 2 Bad Company 2, FiFa 11 and so on. Try a lower resolution with a higher refresh rate.
I do not recommend the latest drivers yet im using 11.5, 11.10 I encountered some random crashes and bugs.
Please comment and tell me if this was helpful. 8)
Peace. :D

Re: How to fix Ati Radeon Screen Problem

Posted: 09 Oct 2011, 12:54
by Stuart
Next time please use the same thread that you first created for the problem.

Feel free to comment in the original thread.