mssql back with MS Management Studio

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mssql back with MS Management Studio

Post by geraldhum »

HI All

Is there a way to backup the DB through Microsoft SQL Management Studio, so instead of appending or over writing the current backup it creates a new Backup. I am busy doing this through sqlcmd but only can over write or append to the current backup and my client wants to keep each backup.

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Re: mssql back with MS Management Studio

Post by Tribble »

Yes you can - chose a different location and name when you do the backup.

Oh yes - and remove the current backup from the list.
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Re: mssql back with MS Management Studio

Post by hamin_aus »

The only time you should be manually backing up a DB is the rare occasion you need to do an ad-hoc backup or restore.
With SQL maintenance plans and the SQL agent this is childsplay to automate!

Google "MSSQL Maintenance Plans"
MSSQL has one of the most comprehensive backup engines of any DBMS.
Just go to the Management tree in the object explorer in SSMS drill into it and right-click on the Maintenance Plans folder to start creating a custom backup plan that can do exactly what you want.
IE not overwrite your previous backups every time, but keep them all for a user-defined period.

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