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Different results ?

Posted: 22 Jul 2010, 14:03
by DeeVeeDee
I created a view in ms SQL2005

If i right click my database and select all tasks -> export.

DB source = The View that i have created.
DB destination = Flat file CSV.

Above is a saved SSIS pakage.

Runs perfectly fine but the results is not the same as
when i run a Crystal report from the view or when i manually create a SQL service & Integration package.

The amount of rows is the same, but the QTY Sold value has about a 1000 difference.

CR has the correct value.

How is this possible ?

The other solution the problem is to ignore this and use the SQL integration package that i made.
The only reason why i dont use it ,is cus i dont know how to include the headers when extracting to flat file ?