Reverse-engineering a database

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Reverse-engineering a database

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I am involved in an Opensource accounting project (TurboCASH). Unfortunately the database has not yet been documented. The head of the project was very involved in the previous version (TC 3) It used paradox tables as the database. Version 4, created by somebody else, uses a real RDBMS - firebird. I would like to reverse-engineer this database to see how each table is updated, and which tables and fields have an influence on which other tables and fields.

At the moment I am writing custom plugginns that use and access this database. One of my current projects involve custom reports from the database. I need to have the above information to help me with this project.

The tools I use or have access to is: Delphi 7, Delphi 2010 and ER/Studio 8 as well as Talend OpendStudio.

Thank you
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Re: Reverse-engineering a database

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Get yourself IBDesc - that'll at least give you the basics I think, but I'm no expert.
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