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by blakwidow
25 Jan 2011, 10:00
Forum: PC Gaming
Topic: Starcraft 2 Online Headaches !
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Starcraft 2 Online Headaches !

:cry: I have a problem recently playing 1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4 and FFA since reinstalling SC2 and updating to ver 1.2.0 ! My post from the sc2 forums: Edited by BlakLLliclow on 23/01/11 20:52 (UTC) I have the same problem now....Damn ! When I first installed the game back in Q3 2010,I had no issues downloa...
by blakwidow
19 Jan 2011, 10:21
Forum: Security
Topic: Security and online trackers
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Re: Security and online trackers - Careless ppl

I must admit I was a bit naughty...hmmm But I had to come clean and share my experience! I will omit the details(for obvious reasons) but found a way to hi-jack internet users ADSL accounts.Gain access to their routers and discover their acc's.It is actually so easy. But how can ppl be so stupid for...
by blakwidow
18 Jan 2011, 19:48
Forum: PC Gaming
Topic: PC Format Starcraft 2 Friends List
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Re: PC Format Starcraft 2 Friends List

After using RealID in SC2,I found a couple of friends,but damn the whole SA should have more tournaments ! Dammit,ppl we are not like EU and US players! Blizzard can't even give africa it's own server ! I dont like that THEY can play about 200ms in the future! 8) SA stand up, wave a finger,and sit ...
by blakwidow
18 Jan 2011, 19:32
Forum: Cooling & Overclocking
Topic: HD5870 Idle Temps...Not Good...
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Re: HD5870 Idle Temps...Not Good...

Firstly have you unlocked the CCC in the first place? If not Try some 3rd party clockers like "Ati Tool" easy to find !
If you have,(i have an XFX HD5670) I noticed if you uninstall CCC, reboot,and update to a new version it is locked once again... =P weird right?

Try that...